Crimson Guard Rottweilers Logo

Crimson Guard Rottweilers is a breeder located in Pflugerville, Texas. Their logo represents their Alabama roots and features the face of their first rottweiler female.

Pytt Service Logo

Pytt Service is an elevator waterproofing and pit cleaning service in Austin, Texas. The Pytt logo is a sump pump moving water.

Waterloo Exterior Logo

Waterloo Exterior is a pressure-washing business in Austin, Texas. The logo text indicates structural integrity and their graphic is a powered-up water droplet.

Alamo City Elevator Logo

This clever logo used the Hebrew letter ה, referring to the partner’s names, to represent elevator doors. Although Alamo City Elevator is no longer in partnership and no longer has the rights to this design, I love the cleverness of this elevator business logo.

Happy Tiger Creations Logo

Happy Tiger Creations was the name of my freelancing business before WestHeir Ltd. Co. I formally merged Happy Tiger Creations and WestHeir Ltd. Co. in 2022, but this is still my personal favorite logo of all time.